We lost one of the best friends country music, or any of us personally, ever had on December 28.  Brian Sinclair, otherwise known as Ol' Sinc of Hillbilly of Harvard, lost his valiant fight against leukemia.  It's hard to imagine a world without Sinc, a world where the sun will shine a little less bright, the laughter will be a little less genuine, the best music won't always be heard.  But most of all, we will miss our friend and "Cousin."



Sinc and Chip Taylor live on Hillbilly at Harvard.  That particular day, the microphone had a mind of its own.  It just kept falling, and Chip was following it down as he sang.  This is my favorite picture of Sinc,  as it shows his personality so well.  Thanks to Kate Martins for the photo.

Here's more of the Hillbilly at Harvard experience:

Sinc and Helen at a Mass Bay Country Music Association picnic

Scenes from World Famous Hillbilly at Harvard Christmas parties:

Sinc and Cousin Lynn

John Lincoln Wright, Jimmy Allen, Sheila Allen, Larry Flint, Helen, Bucky Bear, Sinc

Some of the Hillbilly at Harvard extended family

The traditional "ringing of the keys" at the conclusion of the party - Sinc, Lincoln, Bucky Bear, Jimmy Allen

Sinc, Jean Woodward, Flo at the new (and, of course, luxuriously appointed) WHRB studio.  Note - a couch!)

Larry Flint, Jean Woodward, Hillbilly Helen exchange "Christmas lights"

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