So who is flo and why should you ask her…anything????

Just an opinionated bitch, with a lot of experience, whom some people think has good taste.  Well, of course, SHE thinks so, and just can't wait to offer her opinion on just about everything.

Now,  nobody's really ASKING me anything here, I'm just throwing out my opinions, going on about things I like and hope you might, too.   "Ask Flo" is what Johnny D's bartender Mike Qualtiere always used to say whenever someone had a question.

The Restaurant Page

Frank's - the all time champ in Cambridge - home of the Sizzler and Preacher Jack
Greg's - Watertown/Cambridge line.  Ultimate old-line Italian.
Jimmy's - Arlington.  Great food.  Redid the interior, and that sucks, but the food didn't change.
Porthole - Lynn.  Great seafood, great karaoke???
Newbury Steak House -
Good Luck Farms (the place in Lynnfield) The site of the famous picture of Allen, Leo Jarvis and JF.

Seaside - Revere Beach.  Fish, fish and more fish.  New owners changed the décor to yellow, which doesn't look right on a fish place.  Lots of creative fish dishes, but don't order fried seafood here.  Batter has a sweet taste.
Chateau - 2 locations, like the Arlington one better
Riverside - Great sports bar type in my old Cambridge neighborhood, fried scallops, pizza, ambiance
Sacco's - Memories.  Steak kabobs with little hot cherry peppers.
Lanno's - maybe the best chicken Picatta I ever had
Danvers Yacht Club
- On Orange Beach, across from the Best Western.  Of course, great seafood.
Harvard Gardens - Customized pizzas and Johnny Rivers.
Fontaine's (Dedham) A blinking neon chicken and heaping platters of passable chicken.
Rosemary - Downstairs from Nightstage.  A bit pricey, but you could get some tasty meals there at a reasonable price if you were careful.
Amrhein's - South Boston.  Another old place, been there over a hundred years.  Sometimes it seems there are too many things on the menu to decide, but they're all great.  And the ambience is sooo good, especially at Christmas time.
Hu-Ke-Lau - Huge old Chinese restaurant in Salem, NH, where they used to have the Hawaiian band and dancers.
The Fishery - Central Square.  Great popcorn shrimp, ambience.
Dini's Sea Grille - Don't remember too much about this place except that it was practically a landmark on Tremont Street
Half Shell - Talk about atmosphere!!!  This fish restaurant on Boylston Street looked like a boat and had shells all over the outside.  Fish was good, too.
J. C. Hillary's - Boylston Street and Dedham.  Sauteed spinach in garlic.
Wursthaus - On the corner in Harvard Square, looked like an old German place.  Great burgers.
Jonathan Swift's - My all time favorite nightclub also did lunch, and their chicken salad was too good to be true.
Duck Farm - A house on Lake Winnepesaukee, dining family style.  Don't recall much about the duck, but I've never forgotten the dessert - a plate of strawberries, with small containers of sour cream and brown sugar.  So simple, so delicious.
Place in York Beach - Some place Pat Bronstein took us.  First place I ever had those tiny shrimp, and they were just succulent. I still dream of them.
- The classic, ultimate sub chain. 
Jeannie's - Upstairs on Stuart Street.
Y cafeteria
- It was the ultimate deli on Boylston Street, downstairs from street level, open all night.  Ooh, those roast beef sandwiches.
Dartmouth Street downstairs
corner Newbury/Mass Ave before Tower
place on Hampton Beach
The Barn
Genoa - Inventive food in old time style restaurant, fried artichoke appetizers with lemon!!
Del Frate's - Old Italian place near the bus station in Pittsburgh.  Eat your chicken and spinach pasta while you watch the snow fall and all the city buses and people just getting off work pass that corner.
Mai Kai
The Nest
Owl Diner
Mary & Harold's
M&H predecessor (Athletic club?)
pancake place in Nashville with kabobs
waffle place in Nashville
Olde Towne Drive In
Buffet place in Dresden
7 Central
Rhumb Line
fish place by the bridge in Salem
downtown deli from 1969 - you can see it in the Boston Strangler movie
mysterious Italian restaurant by the side of the old road near Newark
Mary and Harold's

Demos' - Oh, don't get me started on this one in the shadow of Nashville's "Batman" building.  Demos' Steak and Spaghetti House.  All the steaks come with a side of spaghetti and a choice of several sauces.  Kansas City Strip with browned garlic butter sauce for your pasta.  They serve pepperoncini with your steak, and if you ask, they'll bring you a whole plate full.
Arthur's (Union Station)
Rum Boogie
Cafe Maspero
Mama Rosa's
Louisiana Pizza Kitchen
Country Flame
Dry Dock
Snug Harbor
Trolley Stop
St. Charles Tavern
Sammy's Patio
- Outdoor/indoor restaurant on Bourbon Street.  Remarkably crisp salads, Wyclif wine.  Stay away from their "chicken"
Shorty Small's
lick Willy's
East Heights Restaurant
place on Folly Beach
Dead Dog Saloon
Your Pizza
Boar's Head
Truck Stop
Greenridge Turkey Farm
Pepper Mill
- Another legendary Boylston Street late night spot.
Ruggles - Pizza with a twist - English pizza, with cheddar cheese.  Surprisingly good.
Italian place downstairs on Newbury
Roberta's - Elegant place tucked away at the end of the Theatre District in Boston, part of the (Blue Man Group) theatre space
Magic Pan - Orange and almond salad.  Chicken and spinach pasta.  M-m-m-m.
Aku Aku
Deli Haus - Cool, old time deli in Kenmore Square, downstairs.  Near a record shop.  .
Fatted Calf
Arch Street Inn
- The place in downtown Boston in the late 60s with the melt in your mouth onion rings.
Brighan's - Once had a chocolate and mint sundae with green mint sauce that was just too pretty to eat. 
Bailey's - Muffins.
Friendly's - Watermelon sherbet.
Michael's Harborside - This one's more visual than anything else.  Right by the bridge in Newburyport, lots of outdoors space, packed in summertime.  Food OK.
Circle Pizza - Ultimate pizza dive in Boston's North End.
Bertucci's - Brick oven pizza, home made rolls, great salads.
Newbury Pizza
Belmont Pizza
Signor Pizza - Boylston Street, late 60s, long narrow, great décor, murals on walls all the way back.
Stock Pot - Soup and salad bar in Harvard Square, cinnamon coffee.
33 Dunster Street - Downstairs Harvard Square restaurant with a monster salad bar.  Chicken with crushed pecans in 3 mustard sauce.
Grendl's Den
- On Prospect Street not too far from Cheapo - had a legendary brunch that I never got to try, but loved their regular menu.  Best shrimp scampi, ever, had tomatoes in it.
Grant's cafeteria
Max & Erma's
7th Street place
Italian one old time
Key West
Front Page
fish place across from Harbor Club
One Potato Two Potato
Mike Purcell's
Tammany Hall
Captain's Wharf
Border Cafe